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Diva Soft Sole
5" Heel



Black Diva


                 Walnut Diva



Comes with 3 tops- 3 shoes in one!

The Diva Soft Sole is a sexy looking sole with a  5" tall heel. As with all of the soles, you get three tops: a standard top, then two of your choice, one of which can have crystals.

Diva Soft Step comes with Black Comfie top INCLUDED. Two additional tops are included.**Type your 2 choices from either the Belt Tops,  Silk Screened, Solid/Colors, Custom Designer, Signature Series, Silk Screened w/Crystals or Strappies page below. Sizes available: 5-10. Half sizes - size up.

Shoe Size and Color
Type in your Two (2) Top Choices Here and Size ex: SS232, CDT606, Size Medium.

Diva Soft Step Black Solo  (comes only with standard black comfie top). $75.00


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Disclaimer: Because of the nature of the soft- step insole in your Onesole shoe, there may appear to be some wearing or cracking of the EVA insole material after long periods of extensive wear of the shoe. It does not compromise the comfort or the function of the shoe

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